Our Manifesto

Do you ever find yourself in a place (real or unreal) without knowing how you arrived there?

Welcome to TheREALunreal.

TheREALunreal is a place that exists at the intersection of the imagined and the real. It’s a place we’ve created to combat the sense of isolation that can come from being a little bit lost in a society that has never been so equally connected and disconnected.

TheREALunreal seeks to celebrate the contradictions of life by shining a light on the REAL but also celebrating the whimsy of the unreal. We talk to real people to hear honest stories about topics that matter. But equally, we love to dream: to dip our toes into the frivolous, the fun and the utterly unreal.

Contemporary and curious, we’re also a little anti-establishment. Our challenge? Create something that matters. Our goal? Create a place for diversity, individuality, community and honesty.

Join us for a regular dispatch of intimate conversations with friends we love, ideas we admire and objects we covet as part of an ongoing investigation into the endlessly inspiring ways of living, working and being.

Rachel + Penny